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Spiral Stretch Film

Spiral Stretch Film is a specialised packaging solution designed to offer superior protection and exceptional strength and stability for goods during transport and storage. Characterised by its unique spiral wrapping technique, this film provides an enhanced level of cling and coverage, ensuring that items are tightly secured and safeguarded against shifts and external impacts. The spiral application method allows for a more uniform distribution of the film over the contours of irregularly shaped items or pallets, optimising material use and improving load stability. This method not only increases the efficiency of the wrapping process but also significantly reduces waste, making it an environmentally friendly option.

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Spiral Stretch Film

PHS offer a large range of spiral wrapping films from standard stretch film of 23, 20, 17,15 microns and nano films etc. Please contact us for a quotation or to set up a film audit / trial.

Spiral Stech Wrapper

Spiral Stretch Wrapping Machine Range

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