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Polypack Shrink Packers provide a seamless, tight wrap that ensures product integrity, enhances shelf appeal, and extends shelf life. They are built to optimise production lines, ensuring rapid, consistent, and high-quality wrapping results. The machines feature user-friendly interfaces, making operation and maintenance straightforward and minimising downtime. Advanced features such as adjustable product handling systems, integrated heat tunnels, and customisable wrapping cycles allow for a high degree of flexibility, enabling users to tailor the packaging process to specific product requirements. These shrink packers are designed to minimise waste and energy consumption, supporting eco-friendly packaging initiatives while also reducing operational costs.

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Polypack Shrink Packers

PHS represent Polypack US for sleeve wrapping and case / tray packing systems. We can offer the ‘Bulls Eye’ type, or fully enclosed, also with print registration if required.

Polypack Shrink Packers

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