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Miniload Stacker Cranes

Miniload stacker cranes are highly efficient automated storage and retrieval systems designed to handle small loads with precision and speed. Ideal for optimising space and enhancing operational efficiency in warehouses and distribution centres, these cranes operate in narrow aisles and are capable of reaching significant heights to store and retrieve items swiftly. Build with reliability and accuracy, miniload stacker cranes offer a versatile solution for managing a variety of items such as boxes, totes, and trays, making them indispensable in industries where space utilisation and rapid access to goods are crucial.

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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

We provide advanced high-speed mini load cranes and comprehensive warehouse and high-bay order picking systems, adaptable to both ambient and cold storage conditions. Our cranes are synonymous with quality and reliability, featuring complete material handling conveyors that integrate flawlessly with existing systems. The storage configuration, including the number of locations and spaces for packing or pallets, can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Mini load cranes are perfectly suited for the automated handling of products into and out of storage areas. Our systems are equipped with standard PLC controls, integrated software, and HMI interfaces, enabling real-time monitoring of inventory levels and the generation of specific customer orders on demand.

Complete Automated Solutions

We use the latest high quality components in all of our systems and are able to demonstrate our systems to potential customers in a number of industries.

We cater for most industries, including frozen foods, bakery, vegetables, pharmaceutical, paper, beverages, tyres etc etc.