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Robotic Palletisers

Robotic palletisers employ robotic arms to efficiently and accurately stack goods or packages onto pallets, revolutionising the end-of-line packaging process for industries worldwide. Designed to handle a wide range of products and packaging types, from boxes and bags to irregularly shaped items, robotic palletisers can be programmed to arrange products in pre-determined patterns, accommodating various pallet sizes and configurations. This adaptability makes them a perfect fit for diverse sectors including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and many more, catering to the unique demands of each industry.

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Packaging and Palletising Robots

PHS are able to supply complete lines incorporating for example case packers, sleeve wrappers, metal detectors, check weighers and pack/pallet labellers, stretch wrapping / strapping machines etc. We provide ‘Turnkey’ solutions providing case and pallet conveying systems where required to complete the solution. We have many references in UK with single robot cells or multiple robot cells, all of which can be viewed if required. If we cannot demonstrate a particular system here in the UK we will organise an overseas visit combined with a visit to one of our suppliers factories. PHS is a name you can trust, we have the expertise you are looking for and expect. We will fully support your system from the UK thereafter.

Articulated robotic palletisers

Articulated robotic palletisers are supplied by UTECO srl Italy. The range includes Fanuc, ABB, Kuka or Motoman type robots, plus high speed compact pick and palce machines with low cost, they can be fully integrated into a complete line if required. Also we have in the range ‘Gantry Robots’ with multi axis as required to handle many lines. Trascar specialise in a moving robot, using an articulated robot which can have up to 8 inputs/building positions with bar code scanning and sortation systems. The tooling is designed specifically for your product and genrally tends to be gripper type rather than vacuum, which we use only for interlayer or base sheets. If required for the food and beverage industry we can supply stainless steel items such as the tool, robot plinth, guarding and conveyors if its considered to be a wash down area.

Automatic Robot & Cobot Palletising Systems

Automatic robotic palletising system for multi line examples