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Cobot Palletiser

Cobot palletisers, or collaborative robot palletisers, are designed to work alongside human operators within a shared workspace. Unlike conventional robotic palletisers, cobot palletisers are characterised by their ease of programming, adaptability, and inherent safety features that allow them to detect and avoid unexpected obstacles, including humans. This makes them ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or businesses with limited space, as they can be easily integrated into existing production lines without the need for extensive safety caging or dedicated areas

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Cobot Palletising Solution

Cobots are the latest technology in terms of small compact robotic cells able to work alongside humans. Cobots are easy to program by the end user and do not need the assistance of the supplier. Cobots can work up to 6 cycles per minute, either single case or double case picking. The load which they can handle can be up to 10kg, which is normally fine for most applications. The Cobot can have the option of stacking up to 2000mm high thanks to a telescopic mast if required. Also a layer sheet magazine can be added at extra cost if required. The machine requires only  single phase power supply and a 6 bar air pressure supply. It can be very quickly set up and running within hours of delivery. It can handle SRP type cases or standard American types. The Cobot removes the headache of worry concerning manual handling regulations, it is reliable and consistent, no holiday or sick pay to think about and can operate 24 x 7 days week in week out. A ‘Lease Purchase’ option is available up to 5 years upon request subject to credit checking.

We are already a well established supplier of end of line robotic palletising systems, Cobots are natural progression for PHS, why not contact our office to discuss further. The cell can be serviced by one of our AGV’s to deliver empty pallets and remove completed ones to one of our pallet wrapping machines.

PHS Cobot Palletiser Specifications

  • Cobot: Doosan H2017 industrial collaborative robot
  • Gripper: RCO designed cobot vacuum gripper
  • Control: Beckhoff industrial PC & HMI
  • Base Frame: Stainless steel clean design base frame
  • Pallets: Floor level – 2 pallet positions for continues operation
  • Palletising height: Max. +/- 2200 mm on Euro and CHEP pallets possible- in combination with a lift kit, depending on product specifications
  • Capacity: Up to 18 cases p/m, depending on product specifications
  • Pickpoint: Standard integrated intelligent pick point roller conveyor
  • Product Types: Standard for closed cardboard boxes. Special applications eg. bags, trays possible
  • Pallet Types: Euro: 800mm x 1200mm and CHEP: 1000mm x 1200mm
  • Product Dimensions: L x W x H – Min. 150 x 100 x 100 / Max. 600 x 400 x 400 in mm
  • Product Weight: Max 15Kg per product
  • Optional: Layer sheet unit & buffer/connection conveyor(s)