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American Style Wraparound Case Packers

Our range of American Style Wraparound Case Packers embody the perfect fusion of robust design and cutting-edge technology, specifically engineered to handle the dynamic demands of industries ranging from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and household products. By utilising a wraparound technique, these case packers meticulously fold and secure flat corrugated blanks around a variety of product types, ensuring optimal protection and presentation while also prioritising environmental sustainability through reduced material usage.

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American Style Case Packers

PHS are UK agents for Hamson Engineering Canada, they specialise in stainless steel packers and offer a unique solution ideal for the bottling / food industries.

Full Range of both case and trays packers / SRP packers available.

PHS are able to supply a large range of trays or case packers for the food, beverage or pharma industries. We represent Polypack US and also hamson Engineering Canada.