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Case Packers, Case Erectors and Sealers

Integrating case erectors and sealers into a production line has the potential to revolutionise the packaging process. Through the automation of case erection and sealing, companies can greatly minimise the workforce needed for these activities, resulting in considerable reductions in labor expenses. Additionally, these machines are capable of operating at speeds much faster than manual packaging techniques, consequently enhancing the overall productivity of the production line. This improved efficiency not only enhances output but also enables businesses to expand their operations in order to meet increasing market requirements.

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PHS represent Hamson Engineering Canada, we are integrators of the famous Overpacker which is quite unique in that it does not use any vacuum to open the case. It is ideal for Standard American RSC type cases, it loads the product from the bottom without the need to raise or lower the product. It can pack glass bottles, plastic bottles, sliced meats, cluster packs and many more types of product. It is a stainless steel machine, perfect for the bottling/food industries, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. The machine is very compact at only approx. 1000mm wide x 4500mm long, according to the type of infeed design required. It is easy to install and maintain, plus its very competitively priced. Here in the UK there are many machines which can be viewed if required. Please contact PHS for more details on 0845 265 7570.

Hamson Case Packing Machine

  • Up to 25 cases per minute.
  • Fast, repeatable size changes, with simple change parts.
  • All stainless steel or anodized aluminum construction.
  • Case sealing with Dekka SS tape heads or Nordson ProBlue hot melt.
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC and HMI.
  • SMC pneumatics.

Hamson PHS

Please click on the link below for a general overview brochure of our supplier Hamson.