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Bag Palletiser

Bag palletisers are a specialised type of palletising system designed specifically for handling and stacking bags in a highly efficient, orderly, and automated manner. Operating with precision and consistency, the machines are engineered to accommodate a variety of bag sizes, materials, and weights, stacking them into compact and stable loads. This not only optimises the use of storage space but also significantly reduces the risk of damage during transportation. By automating the palletising process, these systems eliminate the need for manual labour in one of the most physically demanding and time-consuming aspects of material handling.

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Bag Palletising Solutions

Our easy-to-maintain palletising systems enhance the efficiency of your logistical operations by creating stable, well-stacked pallets. These systems are particularly adept at handling bag palletisation.

The SYMACH palletiser can neatly stack any kind of bag with precision overlap, ensuring each pallet’s stability. Drawing from our extensive experience with agricultural products, we’ve found this method of stacking to be most effective in maintaining pallet stability.

Additionally, should your needs expand, we offer the option to equip your machine with a Hybrid Multi-head, allowing for the palletisation of boxes, crates, or bundles. Regardless of the configuration, the system’s user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality facilitates swift and easy modifications.

The unique stacking technique of SYMACH palletisers ensures that bags fit perfectly within the pallet’s dimensions, minimising the risk of product damage and optimising pallet loading efficiency. As a result, our machines are utilised across a diverse array of sectors for various products.

Our bag palletisers are crafted with superior quality, offering exceptional value and engineering excellence. They are available in a range of sizes and price points, tailored to meet different production speeds and spatial requirements.

Important palletiser features:

  • Intuitive drag & drop operation
  • Product-friendly handling
  • Overlapping of bags
  • Perfectly straight stacking
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance

PDF Brochures & Video Links

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