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Stretch Hooders

Stretch hooders are designed to enhance the efficiency and security of palletised goods during storage and transport. These machines combine the advantages of stretch wrap and shrink hood systems, offering superior load stability and packaging speed without the need for heat application, making it an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

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The Most Simple & Cost Effective Stretch Hooder On the Market

PHS are able to supply complete ‘Turnkey’ solutions with bag palletisers and stretch hooders, the ‘Dino’ machine below is perfect for protecting your palletised loads from the weather and makes the load tamper proof also. The machine is simple to operate and maintain and is very competitively priced.

The ‘Dino’ can easily stretch hooder shrink packs of soft drinks, cases, drums, bricks, tiles, paper rolls, basically any palletised load. The machine has a ‘Patented’ hood feeding system using twin drive belts to feed the hood to high level for opening. The real benefit of this superb machine is that we prepare a hood at low level, we cut it and heat seal it in preparation for feeding and stretching. By this time the hood seal is nice and cool ready for being stretched open under great tension.

Dino Stretch Hooder

All of the cutting and sealing mechanism is at ground level, gone are the days of climbing a vertical ladder risking H&S problems. The new film roll can be changed in a matter of 2.5 minutes, with quick release levers to allow loading/unloading as quickly as possible.

A new roll will hood hundreds of pallets, film gauges ranging from as low as 20 microns for dust proof protection, up to 120 microns for more substantial load retention and protection.

The machine uses no heat, hydraulics or pneumatics, its very simple to operate and maintain, why not contact PHS on 0845 265 7570 to make an enquiry, we will be pleased to arrange an appointment and even makes hooding tests on your own product if required.

Cage Wrapping

The solution in the attached layout uses a stretch hooding machine, it makes a hood from a large reel of tubular film and cuts and heat seals the top of the hood. The benefits of such a systems are as follows:

  • Tamper proof wrapping as the hood is complete and covers the whole cage or pallet
  • No heat required
  • Film can be colour coded for different depots or products
  • Film surface is flat which is great for labelling
  • If using clear film you have full visibility of the product inside if required
  • Hoods are made to suit the cage height, so it is very economical and wastes no film
  • Hood can be drawn underneath the cage if required
  • Films can be as low as 20 microns gauge, we have already trialled this film, normally film is around 40 micron for example
  • The layout attached relies on hand fed cages up a ramp, then the cages are auto fed into the hooder and fed out automatically
  • The operator will then remove the wrapped cage down the ramp, or we can feed automatically to a buffer store conveyor or vehicle loader or shuttle system etc.
  • The ‘Dino’ machine is made in Holland and PHS are the sole UK agents based in Burnley, we will service your machine fully from UK.
  • The hooder uses no pneumatics or hydraulics and we do not need to lift up the cage or pallet to have the film underneath, so no compromise with load stability
  • Finally for the time being, the ‘Dino’ is very competitively priced, simple and reliable.

Dino Stretch Hood

Please click on the link below for a general overview brochure of our supplier Proxaut, Italy, F3 Design Eindhoven Nipper AGV.