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Pick & Place De-Palletisers

Pick & Place De-Palletisers are engineered to streamline the de-palletising stage, where items are removed from pallets and prepared for further processing or packaging. Through the integration of cutting-edge robotics and sophisticated control software, Pick & Place De-Palletisers ensure precision, speed, and reliability, dramatically reducing manual labour requirements and enhancing operational efficiency. Ideal for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, these systems are customisable to meet specific production needs, handling products of various sizes and weights with remarkable accuracy.

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Pick & Place De-Palletisers

PHS are able to supply fully or semi automatic pick and palce solutions, this can include auto layer sheet removal and stacking / empty pallet re stacking. Systems can be adapted for glass bottles or cans.

Full Range of Pick & Place De-Palletisers

PHS can offer varying types of gripper, albeit vaccum cups, magnetic, mechanical grippers or a Joulin or Unigripper type to pick large numbers of containers at the same time.

Pick & Place De-Palletisers

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